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More than just a Bible study

Created: 26 Jul 2022

Encounters with the Father’s Love in Graz July 2022. Right after the trip to Bremen, the whole ITI team took a looooong train ride to Graz, Austria to do another

Digging deep and growing strong

Created: 26 Jul 2022

First International Training Institute (ITI) in Bremen, Germany July 2022. As new ITI country coordinator for the Farsi speakers in Europe it was my privilege to organise the very first

Filming in Athens

Created: 04 Jul 2022

The making of a man and a movie 14 years ago I walked the narrow backstreets of Athens in the dark. I was young, scared, lonely, insecure, but also full

When our little plans collide with God’s amazing destiny

Created: 04 Jul 2022

Going back to Germany, where 12 years ago I tried my luck and got my very first Persian Bible Yes, 12 years ago my journey as a refugee also led

God knows your name

Created: 25 Apr 2022

Another glorious trip to Albania We had promised to come again when we said Good-bye in February, so back we were in April. Not the whole Bakhtiari Family, but Javad

Albanistan has great people

Created: 25 Apr 2022

Encounters with beautiful people from Afghanistan and Albania February 2022. This was our first short trip as a whole family, and our first time to Albania. Javad had already gone

Christmas Joy for Refugees in Thessaloniki

Created: 22 Apr 2022

The greatest gift we could give was our time Beginning of December 2021. My friend Danny and his team of soccer players came to Greece to spread some early Christmas

How it all began in Greece

Created: 21 Apr 2022

The beauty of pain lies in its redemptive purpose On his third attempt to reach Europe in 2015, Javad first set foot on Lesvos, Greece. 7 years a refugee already.

You are not alone

Created: 18 Mar 2022

RHP Europe Roundtable in Athens End of January 2022. Here I was in the midst of a crowd of more than 400 people from over 47 different nations in Athens,