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More than just a Bible study

Created: 26 Jul 2022

Encounters with the Father’s Love in Graz July 2022. Right after the trip to Bremen, the whole ITI team took a looooong train ride to Graz, Austria to do another

Filming in Athens

Created: 04 Jul 2022

The making of a man and a movie 14 years ago I walked the narrow backstreets of Athens in the dark. I was young, scared, lonely, insecure, but also full

When our little plans collide with God’s amazing destiny

Created: 04 Jul 2022

Going back to Germany, where 12 years ago I tried my luck and got my very first Persian Bible Yes, 12 years ago my journey as a refugee also led

God knows your name

Created: 25 Apr 2022

Another glorious trip to Albania We had promised to come again when we said Good-bye in February, so back we were in April. Not the whole Bakhtiari Family, but Javad

Albanistan has great people

Created: 25 Apr 2022

Encounters with beautiful people from Afghanistan and Albania February 2022. This was our first short trip as a whole family, and our first time to Albania. Javad had already gone

How it all began in Greece

Created: 21 Apr 2022

The beauty of pain lies in its redemptive purpose On his third attempt to reach Europe in 2015, Javad first set foot on Lesvos, Greece. 7 years a refugee already.